How to Stage Your Home So it Sells Quickly

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If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, one of the first things you will need to do is ensure it is “show ready.” Getting your home in the right shape to be shown, and then to sell quickly, it will likely need to be “staged” – either by you or by a professional. The key word when you are preparing your home for a sale is “declutter.” Prospective buyers don’t want to see piles of magazines, toys, clothing, books, etc. strewn throughout your home, even if that’s how you keep them organized. I would much rather see these piles in your garage than in your living room!

There are four main areas of your home that will need particular attention: the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and your main living areas (living room and family room).

Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of your home. Many buyers will make decisions based on what your kitchen looks like. Even without a costly renovation, you can make cosmetic changes that transform the impression your kitchen makes to potential buyers.

Bedrooms: There are some simple ways to improve the appearance of bedrooms and let a wide range of potential buyers envision themselves in your space. Bedrooms should always be simple, neutral and relaxing. Add lamps if they are dim. Refresh walls, flooring, and bedding as needed.

Bathrooms: In addition to working plumbing and functional fixtures, staging bathrooms can help them feel more luxurious and high end. Small changes can make a big difference. Bathrooms don’t just have to be functional – they can be beautiful. Even small bathrooms can look brighter and fresher with a few tweaks.

Living spaces: Living spaces are usually the first or last things people see when they tour your home. Give them a great view with a few adjustments.

All of your spaces deserve to be masterfully staged. You may want to hire a staging expert to help you truly elevate your decor and increase your chances of a top-dollar home sale.

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