How to Sell Your Home (Safely) During COVID-19

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by Claire Wentz

We remain in a state of upheaval and change. But perhaps the most surreal aspect of it all is the way some parts of life continue on anyway. With rising cases of Delta Variant infection and the continued emphasis on mask-wearing and social distancing, it seems impossible to do something like sell a house. However, there are tons of options available for sellers putting a property up on the market today. Tom Bullington with In Motion Realty hopes the tips and additional 11 resources below will help you navigate selling a home during the pandemic. 

Stage Your Home Well 

Whether for listings or viewings, staging your home well can work wonders for a first impression.

Start by organizing and decluttering your space
Consider consulting with an interior decorator. 
Painting the front door a bright color can give your home’s facade the boost it needs. 
Keep your lawn neat, and consider hiring a top-rated lawn care company to help.

Focus on Digital Solutions 

If in-person showings aren’t doable, modern technology can bridge the gap.

Talk to your agent to get their insight on how to best sell your home during the pandemic
Make a video tour of your home to give interested buyers a sense of the interior. 
You can host several buyers at once by hosting a virtual open house on Zoom. 
3D models offer buyers a 360-degree look at your property without actually being there. 

Make Viewings as Safe as Possible 

When the time comes to host an in-person viewing, here’s how to do so safely: 

Find an outing for your family during the viewing, such as going on a hike at a local park. 
Thoroughly clean and disinfect your home before and after the viewing. 
Provide disposable face masks for viewers to wear in case they forget to bring their own. 

Ultimately, flexibility is the best tool at your disposal. Sellers, buyers, and agents alike are all figuring this new normal out on a day-to-day basis. What feels like a good plan one week may feel unwise the next. Staying adaptable and working with buyers to come up with a plan that works for everyone will go a long way toward getting your house seen and purchased. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash